Are you in a situation where you must now manage your financial responsibilities, perhaps for the first time?

We can help you answer the "What now?" whether that means learning to pay your bills, balance your checkbook, understand what's in those files in your office, or other topics, such as:

  1. 1. Banking, loans, and credit
  2. 2. Budgeting, saving, and spending
  3. 3. Insurance - what you really need
  4. 4. Home and transportation: owning vs. renting/leasing
  5. 5. Tax preparation requirements
  6. 6. Talking to investment advisors - what questions to ask

teaching                      financial life skills -

to everyone

individual administrative support

personal financial coaching

financial life skills presentations

we handle your paperwork - you live your life

Let us help you, your loved one, or seniors in your community  with any of all of the following:

  • Pay your bills/balance your checkbook
  • Help you with calls to banks, insurance companies, and other businesses
  • Prepare paperwork and forms
  • Create and monitor a budget
  • Set up a filling system tailored for your
  • Arrange for document shredding
  • Gather your tax-related documents
  • Keep your important life documents easily accessible
  • Other administrative tasks, on requesst

group presentations on selected financial life skills topics

For your organization's luncheon or dinner seminar, or other meeting or event, a capitalwise found can speak on the following topics:

  • "Do You Know Where Your Finances Are?" This is a one-hour presentation for women who may not be actively involved in their family's financial responsibilities.
  • "Financial Life Skills for Everyone" This is a three-hour seminar providing an overview of selected financial topiccs:
  1. 1. Banking, Savings, and investments
  2. 2. Credit, loans, and credit reports
  3. 3. Developing an income/spending plan
  4. 4. Setting financial goals
  5. 5. Insurance, identity theft, and financial scams