assisted living resident, stroke survivor

Cate suffered a stroke two years ago. While she has almost fully recovered, she has some memory loss, and now lives in a family-like assisted living facility. Since Cate has no nearby relatives, CapitalWise is providing administrative support for her. This includes making sure her bills are paid and setting up a small filing system for her important documents. In this process, CapitalWise discovered: 1) Cate had life insurance proceeds that she was unaware of; 2) Cate's dental insurance policy had been cancelled while she was incapacitated - CapitalWise is working to get it reinstated; 3) Cate did not have a financial power of attorney - CapitalWise is working with her attorney to establish one.


recent widow, lacked confidence in financial life skills

Suzanne is a retired scientist and recent widow. While she was confident in most of her financial life skills, she was uncertain about approaching financial advisors to help her invest her retirement assets. CapitalWise accompanied her to interview three advisors, coaching her about questions to ask them, explaining the differences in their investment approaches and educating her about the different options the advisors were recommending. In less than three months, Suzanne was confident that she could select among the advisors, choose how much to allocate to each of them, if any, and work with them going forward in managing her portfolio.


mother going through difficult divorce

Chelsea is a mother and homemaker who was going through a difficult divorce. Her attorney asked her to develop a spending plan for submission with her divorce settlement request. Chelsea asked CapitalWise to help her think through her spending categories to ensure she was not forgetting anything significant. CapitalWise identified several expense categories Chelsea had not considered.




*Not her real name or likeness.